Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Information & Communication 2021

“AI becoming the part of everyday life and it is extremely important to grow in the field of AI so as to meet the need of the hour,” says Director KICS, Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood.

Artificial Intelligence is the basis for mimicking human intelligence processes through the creation and application of algorithms built into a dynamic computing environment. Simply, AI is trying to make computers think and act like humans and it is the future of all complex decision-making.
Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS) in collaboration with the IEEE Lahore Section organized a virtual summit on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication 2021.

The summit was based on diversified domains comprising Networking Security & IoT, Image Processing & Multimedia, Healthcare, Control & Decision Systems, and Energy Storage. Every aspect of dedicated domains was discussed in great detail by the academic experts in each domain. Dr. Wajahat Qazi from Comsats Institute of Information and Technology (CIIT) was invited as a speaker to give thoughtful insights on Control and Decision Systems, Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvi from Syed Babar Ali School of Science & Engineering, Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) shared his work and experience in Data-driven techniques for Battery Health Degradation Analysis whereas Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fayyaz & Dr. Usman Ghani from UET Lahore, and Dr. Sheikh Faisal Rashid from Fast NUCES Islamabad were invited to talk on Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence at the Intelligent Criminology Lab, KICS, and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare respectively. The online summit was kicked off through CISCO WebEx and a great number of audiences from research and academia across the country participated online.
Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director KICS in his welcome remarks paid special thanks to the guest panel and emphasized the emerging need of AI in daily life

 “This summit is very important in the sense that AI becoming a part of everyday life and it is extremely important to grow in the field of AI to meet the need of the hour,”

 said Dr. Waqar Mahmood while speaking at the summit. Dr. Amjad Hussain, Chair IEEE Lahore Section briefed the audience with great achievements of IEEE Lahore Section with around 40 technical societies, 100 technical journals, and almost 1000 technical conferences. IEEE Lahore Section is geared up to collaborate and to maximize the potential. He also applauded Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS) for its commitment and dedication in the field of AI with more than 7 dedicated labs. While speaking on behalf of the IEEE Lahore Section Mr. Kashif Bashir, Vice-Chair IEEE Lahore expressed his remarks, we have witnessed fast developments of various AI technologies, and many forms of Information and Communication systems with AI are becoming a core part of our daily lives.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Dean Electrical Engineering Department, UET Lahore congratulated the management committee for organizing a great summit dedicated to AI while giving his closing remarks. He said, “AI is the key of all sciences right now, as the Dean of Electrical Engineering Department, I would like to work effectively with Dr. Waqar and Dr. Amjad in the area of Artificial Intelligence”.

All the guest speakers were presented with the virtual token of appreciation whereas, at the end of the summit, IEEE members celebrated IEEE Day along with Lahore section societies, Affinity Groups, and Subsection members following the cake cutting ceremony.




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