15th IEEE International conference (ICOSST) will be held in UET Lahore Pakistan from 15 -16 Dec2021

~~~15th IEEE ICOSST 2021 ~~~

The 15th IEEE International conference (ICOSST) will be held in UET Lahore , Pakistan from 15 -16 December 2021. Open-Source Software (OSS) is an established cross-disciplinary paradigm for distributed enterprise computing and e-Government. It is helping organizations both public and private to keep control on the cost of development and deployment. OSS has not only changed the way software applications are architected, deployed, and consumed but also they are engineered to provide large distributed cross-platforms and frameworks. IEEE Computer & Communication Societies, Lahore Section, (R10) in Technical Co-sponsorship & in Joint Collaboration with Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET, Lahore, Pakistan are organizing a two-day event to invite researchers and practitioners from across the world to share their ideas and experiences related to the state-of-the-art and the future of Open Source systems and technologies, software applications, databases, networks, information security, OSS and social innovation, embedded computing, cloud computing, virtualization, AI for knowledge discovery, automation, AI Applications for COVID-19 Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, Evolution, Control and Prediction etc. ICOSST will create a scientific venue where participants can share ideas, strategies, and policies for tackling the development, research and adaptation challenges related to open-source tools and open-source development environments for their customized requirements


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