Astronomers Have Discovered A Planet

Astronomers have discovered an interesting planet (exoplanet).

According to a foreign news agency, a planet named Pai has been discovered 186 light years away from our Earth. The planet completes one revolution around its sun in just 3.14 days. Its official name is K2315B but it revolves around its star very fast so this planet has been named as Pie Planet.

A pie is a mathematical constant that shows the ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference and its value is 3.14. In this regard, experts have also called this planet Pai Earth. Observations were made in February, March and May through the Aeschylus telescope.

It was discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope in 2017 and has been under constant scrutiny by astronomers ever since. This planet revolves around a dwarf star that is only 20% larger than our Sun. Kepler has also seen 20 transits. According to conservative estimates, this planet is up to 95% the size of our Earth, perhaps a rocky planet instead of gas. It should be noted that experts have confirmed this only after many years of observation

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