A team (Ammad, Qaiser, and Bilal) of students working on their final year project in the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, has successfully converted an old motorbike (100 ccs) into an electric vehicle. The work was carried out under the supervision of Dr. M. Usman.

The engine of the bike was replaced with an electric motor, a battery system, and a controller. The innovative product allows riders to travel at a peak speed of 65 kmph. In addition, an appealing range of distance i.e. 80-90 km is now actually possible in a mere single recharge that takes 3 hours approximately (in standard conditions). The sporty-shaped product also carries three speeds configurations (ECON, URBAN, and SPORTS mode) along with the reverse motion. Global warming is a serious issue disturbing nature worldwide, principally due to the disproportionate utilization of fossil fuels for transportation, which accounts for the fifth of global carbon emission. As a result, numerous environmentally conscious people are looking for sustainable alternatives to substitute fossil fuels. The developed product (at UET Lahore) adheres to the modern requisites and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a scooter/motorbike by reducing its carbon footprint. The electric bike has a lower cost per km as compared to the petrol bike. In a meeting, Dr. M. Usman, Dr. Nasir Hayat (Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department), Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Mufti (Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar (Vice-Chancellor, UET-Lahore) along with the students discussed the possible commercialization of the product.

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