VC Inaugurates Textile Engineering Labs

Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, VC UET, Lahore has inaugurated Textile Computer Lab. The lab is sponsored by the textile industry with major contribution coming from Interloop, the largest hosiery exporter in the country. The computers in the lab are equipped with state-of-the-art textile related software including Gerber (Garments, pattern making & 2D apparel designing), Chemdraw (Textile processing, structure and mechanism of dyes, chemicals and fabric), CLO 3D (Garment, 3D designing with true-to life garments visualisation), DB weave (Weaving, fabric design and modelling), Texgen (Weaving, fabric designing 3D structure), and Minitab (spinning, and other textile data analysis).

The VC appreciated the efforts of Prof Dr Muhammad Mohsin, Chairman of the department, and his faculty for their continuous efforts to modernize the curricula of the academic programs, starting PhD in Textile Engineering, and establishing laboratories through linkages with market leaders in the infustry. He also praised Dr Mohsin for carrying out cutting-edge R&D work and innovations that have earned him eight patents during the past two years

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