A workshop on UI/UX Design AT PID, UET Lahore

The Department of Product and Industrial Design (PID) organized workshop on UI/UX Design at departmental library. The purpose of this workshop was to enhance skills in UI and UX design. In this workshop guest speakers Sahar Asif, a product designer from UET Lahore, and Fatima Bintay Anis, a senior UI designer for amazon foods dubai, highlighted the significance of product designers in UI and UX industry. More than 60 participants and faculty members actively attended the workshop. Towards the end of the workshop, a brief overview of ‘Figma’ was provided that will enable participants to map their design thinking process in UI and UX, the day ended with a thanking note to all participants. This workshop was organized by Ms Mona Gulzar and Ms Anum Shamshad both are Assistant Professor in Product and Industrial Design Department, UET, Lahore.

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