Audience’s character Based Smart Advertisement System

In the age of advanced media, marketing of any product/service through television, websites, newspapers, or any other marketing source has gained popularity.

The most important problem with the existing system/technique is irrelevant product advertisements to the audience. This is the main cause of lack of interest by the audience in an advertisement which results in wastage of time and cost. These systems are just blindly advertising different products not knowing either anyone watching these advertisements, is interested in it and/or is it relevant to the audience or not. 

For example, a group of children watching cartoons at home on television and televisions are advertising beauty products, bank loans, air conditioners, refrigerators, and telecommunication company offers, etc. which are not relevant to those children. Ultimately what they would do is changing television channels. It would have been more efficient and beneficial if the system advertises chocolates, biscuits, and candies, etc. when children are watching television. 

Audience showing interest in advertisement by our system

In our ‘Audience’s character based Smart Advertisement System’, we have overcome the issues in the existing system by ensuring the advertisement of relevant products to the audience. Our system continuously analyzes its audience using a built-in camera and whenever it detects any human in the video, it crops all faces in it. These faces are further analyzed for estimation of ‘Age’ and ‘Gender’ of the audience using Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Using these results, a query is generated and sent to the database as the database contains different advertisement videos for different age groups and gender. On the basis of this query, an appropriate advertisement video is selected and this selected product is advertised.  

We deploy this system in the shopping mall and there is a majority of females in the shopping mall at a specific time. The system will get an image of the audience and will estimate the age and gender (female is this scenario) of this audience. Then, the system will probably start advertising beauty products i.e. face wash, creams, and lipstick, etc.

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